Yang Hyeon-jong ranked first in high school, the youngest 50SV, 30SV for 2 consecutive years… Will Jeong Hae-young’s annual salary also shine?

Will KIA Tigers closer Jung Hae-young (21) laugh out loud during salary negotiations?

Jung Hae-young set a meaningful record in the third year of his debut. He appeared in 55 games for the season, going 3-2 with 32 saves and an earned run average of 3.85, leading the team to a 5-goal. He was selected as a closer in place of Jeon Sang-hyun, who suffered a shoulder injury last year, and pitched in 64 games, recording 5 wins, 4 losses, 34 saves, and an earned run average of 2.20, settling as a closer. 

His 30 saves for the second consecutive year were the first in Tigers history. Neither national treasure pitcher Seon Dong-yeol nor Chang-yong’s invincible Lim Chang-yong could achieve it. Moreover, he achieved the youngest 50 saves (20 years, 9 months, 9 days) during the season. His ERA rose while he paused due to shoulder pain in August. 

Jung Hae-young took his place as the main pitcher in the first team with his joining. He greeted the opening of the 2020 토토 season, his debut season, at Futures. He was classed as a starting resource and steadfastly took his starting classes. Then, at the end of June, the first team needed a starter for a doubleheader, so he was called up. The starting pitching was canceled due to rain, but he made his debut as a relief pitcher and became the winning pitcher. 

From this time on, he never went down from the first team to the Future Steam. He was immediately promoted from the pursuit group to the winning group, and he also won a save as a firefighter. He was also praised for being lucky because his team wins when he leaves. He also achieved a rise in pitch over 150 km. As he successfully completed his first season as a high school rookie, his annual salary jumped from 27 million won to 70 million won. 

In the 2021 season, the Tigers set the record for the most saves in a season and achieved excellent results standing shoulder to shoulder with senior Lim Chang-yong. He proudly rose to the top of the pitcher’s test. His annual salary rose by 100 million won to 170 million won. He entered the ranks of billionaires in two years after joining the company. 

Following last year, he proudly took first place among KIA pitchers this year as well. He surpassed Ace Yang Hyeon-jong, who had 12 wins in the season and broke 170 innings for 8 consecutive years. It was recognized for his greatest contribution. It is also highly evaluated that it solved the finish drought, which was KIA’s long-cherished wish, at once. In line with the results of the 5th round, there are enough factors to impress. He is interested in whether he will win a lot of negligence from 170 million won. 

It is compared to LG finishing pitcher Go Woo-seok. Go Woo-seok won 35 saves in 2019 and soared from 62 million won to 220 million won. He recorded only 17 saves in 2020 and was cut to 180 million won, but recovered to 30 saves in 2021 and rose to 270 million won. Depending on the team, the annual salary calculation system will be different, but it is noteworthy whether Jung Hae-young will also spend a warm winter.