Writing ‘Bongdari’, waving newspaper… ‘Chin Lorin’ proved, memories of resignation given by Han Dong-hee

 “I remembered the time when I brought fans to the baseball field.”

Han Dong-hee (24, Lotte Giants) is a ‘Busan man’. He graduated from Pusan ​​National University at the beginning of the year-Gyeongnam Middle School-Gyeongnam High School, and joined the Lotte Giants based in Busan as the 1st designation in 2018.

As he grew up in Busan, which is called ‘Gudo’, he watched baseball from a young age, and naturally, the cheering team also became Lotte.

At Sajik Stadium, where he saw and dreamed of when he was young, Han Dong-hee stepped on the ground as an ‘All-Star’. Third baseman Choi Jeong (SSG), who was selected as the best 12, was injured, and Han Dong-hee, who was second, was on board. Although there were twists and turns, it became the best gift for Han Dong-hee.

As it is a ‘festival venue’, Han Dong-hee also prepared a performance. As much as he is from ‘Lot Linyi’, he prepared an event to bring back his memories of his childhood.

It’s gone now, but it appeared wearing a ‘plastic bag’ on its head that dyed Sajik Stadium orange in the past. He had torn up newspaper in his hand. The newspaper cheering was also one of the scenes that symbolized Lotte.

In the third inning, Han Dong-hee, who succeeded in getting on base by pulling out a heavy hit, stepped on first base and waved a newspaper toward the crowd. The crowd responded with applause and cheers.

Han Dong-hee, who properly stimulated the sensibility of an ‘old Lotte fan’, said with a smile, “I remembered the time when I came to the baseball field as a fan, put on a bag, and waved a newspaper to cheer.”

Songs such as ‘Busan Seagull’ and ‘Come Back to Busan Port’ came with a different mind than usual. Han Dong-hee said, “I heard the sound of cheering from the plate, but it felt different from the usual game. I think I played really fun.”메이저놀이터

Han Dong-hee also prepared in his own way, but the ‘Best Performance’ award went to Kim Min-seok, a junior in the same team. Kim Min-seok, nicknamed ‘Resign Jenny’ for his resemblance to singer Blackpink member Jenny, danced to Jenny’s solo song ‘SOLO’.

Han Dong-hee said, “(Kim) Min-seok prepared very hard and well.”

Han Dong-hee, who left a rather disappointing result with a batting average of 2.5 2.5 and 4 home runs in 64 games in the first half, dreamed of making the ‘Best 12’ in the All-Star Game next year with his performance in the second half. He said, “It was fun. Next year, I want to do well and play in the All-Star Game again.”