Woo-tae Hong, coach of Ulsan Technical High School BC, who played Gyeongju High School and Pocheol High School, “will create a baseball boom in Ulsan, the city of soccer”

In Ulsan, which has a reputation as a soccer city, there is a baseball team that competes in a national tournament.

Ulsan Technical High School BC, a club team, stood at the center of the topic by successively defeating Gyeongsang High School and Pohang Jecheol High School, which are called the two rivers of Gyeongbuk baseball, in the Gyeongsang B area in the second half of the 2023 high school baseball weekend league, which was held this week.

In addition, if they win the match against Gyeongbuk High School in the final game of the second half of the weekend league, which will be held on the 1st, they will create a sensation by holding one of the three presidential cup high school baseball tournament tickets given to the Gyeongsang B region on the principle of winner-to-win and least runs.토토꽁포인트

Ulsan Technical High School coach Hong Woo-tae smiled shyly, saying, “There are still many people in Ulsan who don’t know that there is a baseball team in Ulsan.

” In 2007, when he was in charge of Seongnam High School, he was a pitcher enough to record a record of 5 consecutive team shutouts in the Daebunggi National High School Baseball Championship, which has now disappeared into history. He is evaluated as having a good understanding of training and building a pitching team.Director

Hong’s unique philosophy is incorporated into pitcher development.

He said, “In Ambaseball, not only the number of pitches by pitchers is limited, but the prevention of overuse due to continuous fighting cannot be overemphasized,” he said. He emphasized, “You shouldn’t make irrational numbers.”

He said, “When I get on the mound and ask if I can throw more, I say that if it’s ten, all ten are fine. Sometimes, players do not want to get off the mound because they do not want to lose. These parts need to be managed properly. This is the reason leaders exist.”

Coach Hong’s basic philosophy is that high school pitchers who are in the process of learning and growing should know when to come down on their own from the mound, and should come down without hesitation if they sense something wrong with their body during the game.

One of the biggest features that can be seen in Ulsan Technical High School BC is that it discloses the pitcher operation and game as well as the monthly training schedule on the band. It is possible to predict starting rotations, training locations, and who will play based on the information posted here.

Coach Hong said, “The biggest pride of our team is that we do not shrink and collapse and give up the game just because we met a strong team.” And it seems that the atmosphere of exercising happily without paying attention has become a driving force for the players to stand up confidently in the game.”

Ulsan Technical High School BC’s last opponent in the weekend league in the second half was Gyeongbuk High School. If you win this game, you will get a ticket to the Presidential Cup High School Baseball Tournament.꽁머니

Coach Hong said, “I have never won a match against Gyeongbuk High School since I took office in 2019. Since the team was founded in 2010, it has won 1-11 against Gyeongbuk High School. It won’t be easy, but I want to win a fight with a 9% chance and create a baseball boom in Ulsan, the city of soccer.”