What is the result of the Kim Joo-sung draft and the Sungdae trio?

 There was a formula that had been passed down since the 1999 rookie draft. In the first year, only Hyun Joo-yeop left a regret, but after that, Cho Sang-hyun (1st place), Hwang Seong-in (3rd place) = SK championship, Lee Kyu-seop (1st place) = 토토사이트 Samsung championship, Kim Seung-hyun (3rd place) = Dongyang championship. Coincidentally, they were all ranked 1st or 3rd, and there were various positions such as point guard, swingman, and power forward. It was clear that it was a positive result in that it clearly demonstrated how the rookie draft affects each team’s strength.

Therefore, attention was focused on whether such a move would continue in the 2002 rookie draft. The level of interest poured out was at the highest level since the first year of the draft. The center of the draft was definitely Chung-Ang University center Kim Joo-seong (43‧205cm). He was considered the best in his skills and potential enough to be recognized as the best big man since Jang-Hoon Seo of ‘Goliath’.

Several teams desperately wanted him, such as preparing uniforms with Kim Joo-sung’s name in advance, but in the end, Sambo (now DB) was given the first place of luck. At the moment when the first choice went, then-director Jeon Chang-jin and playing coach Huh Jae embraced each other and shared joy. It was because he knew very well that this was the moment when the fate of the team could change. It was the beginning of Lucky Heo Jae, who became famous as the ‘Bokko of the Draft’.

Because so many spotlights were pouring on Kim Joo-sung, there were other protagonists that many basketball players paid attention to, so it was none other than the ‘Sungkyunkwan University trio’. Jeong-hoon (43‧199.2cm), Jin Gyeong-seok (43‧189cm), and Lee Han-kwon (44‧197cm) were classmates who had been together since their days at Naksaeng High School. has been in the center

Even in Sungkyunkwan University, it was not as much as Naksaeng High School, but he kept them in check right under the strongest Chung-Ang University, winning the 2000 National Sports Festival and winning the title of Sungkyunkwan University’s first national championship, and winning the 2001 MBC Cup during his senior year. Above all, it received a high score in that it led Sungkyunkwan University, which had not had a big presence before, to the stronghold of college basketball.

Among the guards, Park Ji-hyeon (43‧183cm) stood out by far. Park Ji-hyeon is a player who has maintained the strength of Chung-Ang University to the end along with Kim Joo-seong while prominent seniors such as Song Young-jin, Lim Jae-hyeon, Hwang Jin-won, and Shin Dong-han have graduated. Park Ji-hyeon and Kim Joo-seong, who had good compatibility factors such as classmates, big man and guard, showed perfect harmony in every game, and because of that, they were compared to the team of Tim Duncan and Tony Rutland, who led the NCAA Wake Forest in their heyday a few years ago.

One of the most notable things about the 2002 draft was the progress of non-mainstream universities such as Sungkyunkwan University, Hanyang University, and Myongji University, ahead of Chung-Ang University, which confirmed that they were in good shape. Choong-Ang University, with Kim Joo-seong as the first overall, produced a total of 4 candidates, producing 3 students in the 1st round (Joo-Sung Kim, Ji-Hyeon Park, Jun-Young Son) and 1 person in the 2nd round (Wan-Hee Song). All three of Sungkyunkwan University (Jeong Hoon, Jin Gyeong-seok, and Lee Han-kwon) were selected in the first round, but they all went one step further and vomited their spirit by being ranked in the top 5. In fact, Chung-Ang University and Sungkyunkwan University ranked 1st to 5th.

In addition, Hanyang University and Myongji University also achieved satisfactory results. Hanyang University, although ranked 7th, was nominated in the 1st round by Kim Joo-sung and Kim Tae-wan, who competed for the top spot in high school, and two (Kang Jun-goo and Park Yu-jin) were selected in the 2nd round. Myongji University also produced one person in the first round (Park Young-min) and two in the second round (Park Sung-woon and Choi Gyeong-cheol). On the other hand, Korea University had only two students in the first round (Han Jeong-hun, Jeong Seon-gyu) and one in the second round (Kim Kyung-rok), and Yonsei University only produced one person (Park Jae-seong) in the second round without a first round, and lost its pride.