Trautani, August 23rd was the last time” 6 years of companionship is virtually over, LAA’s planned tragedy

The Los Angeles Angels and Cincinnati Reds match held at Angel Stadium on August 23 (hereinafter Korean time) is likely to remain the last game in which the duo of Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani, called the best ‘double guns’ of this century, played together. has risen

At that time, Trout was named in the starting lineup side by side as center fielder No. 2 and Ohtani as designated hitter No. 3. Trout went 1-for-4 and Ohtani went 0-for-3 in each, and the Angels lost 3-4.

That game was also the comeback match for Trout, who injured his left hand bone while batting against the San Diego Padres on July 4, after 50 days. However, Trout complained of pain in the same area the next day and was put on the injured list (IL) again. It can be seen that the Angels, who reactivated ‘Trautani’ after a long time, virtually gave up their hopes for the playoffs at the news that Trout’s injury recurred within a day.

The Angels recorded 2 wins and 4 losses in 6 games until the Philadelphia Phillies match on the 29th, and the winning rate fell further to 63 wins and 69 losses. Coincidentally, on the day Trout joined the IL, Ohtani also suffered an elbow injury, ending his season as a pitcher. He started Game 1 of the doubleheader against Cincinnati, but in the middle of pitching in the second inning, he suddenly complained of soreness in his left elbow and went down the mound.

An MRI scan revealed a torn ligament in his elbow. While it has yet to be decided whether or not to have surgery, Ohtani continues to play as a designated hitter.

There is no problem with Ohtani appearing as a batter, so Trout must return to see ‘Trautani’ again. However, it is known that Trout’s chances of returning this season are not very high.

Sports Illustrated said on the 29th, “Considering all the resources the Angels have, it is truly surprising that they have never made the playoffs during the Ohtani-Trout era.” won’t be an issue. And the Angels are unlikely to bring Trout back forcibly, as he was virtually eliminated from the playoff race.”

In other words, the time when Trout can return is mid-September, but it means that there is not much meaning in returning when the playoff odds have already disappeared. Moreover, considering next year’s season, Trout would be a hundred times better off taking more care of his health.

In response to the news that Trout returned to IL, local media said, ‘There is an aspect of the Angels returning Trout in a hurry in a situation where their playoff hopes are diminishing. The club was confident that Trout could play with all his might, but he did not even conduct live betting properly, let alone minor league rehabilitation games.’카지노

It was the 49th that Trout was away, and during this period the Angels played 38 games. Given that it was a long-term absence, it means that at least Trout needed time to learn how to fight. As I rushed to return to my self-restraint, the area that I thought was completely healed was damaged again.

Trout and Ohtani have built a powerful pair of guns for the Angels over the past six years. It was 30 games in total that the two hit a home run together. In that game, the Angels recorded 21 wins and 9 losses. In particular, this season, they showed off their power close to 100 wins with 7 wins and 1 loss in 8 matches.

But we may not see Trout and Ohtani hitting home runs side by side wearing the same uniforms anymore. Ohtani is likely to choose another team in the free agency market after this season. New York Post columnist John Heyman put the Los Angeles Dodgers at No. 1, the San Diego Padres at No. 2, and the Angels at No. 3 as the leading destinations for Ohtani as a free agent.

After the Babe Ruth-Lou Gehrig duo, who built ‘the deadliest hitting duo’ for the New York Yankees from 1923 to 1934, the ‘Era of Trautani’, which was spotlighted as the strongest pair of guns, is coming to a shabby end.