Tottenham fans ‘seething with anger’…Pochettino, Levy both targeted

The departure of Mauricio Pochettino (Argentina) from Tottenham Hotspur to take charge of ‘London rivals’ Chelsea has sparked anger among Spurs fans. The anger is directed at Pochettino for taking the helm of a rival team and at the club’s hierarchy, including chairman Daniel Levy, for missing out on the manager who led Spurs to their recent success.

Chelsea officially announced the signing of Pochettino to a two-year contract on Tuesday. Pochettino will begin his tenure on July 1, leading the team for two seasons, with the club deciding whether to extend his contract for a third season. Pochettino succeeds Frank Lampard, who took over on an interim basis.

The news of Pochettino’s departure to Chelsea has sparked outrage among Spurs fans. Pochettino is a manager that Spurs fans have consistently wanted to see return. The fact that they didn’t get him, and that his new destination is a rival club, is bound to anger Spurs fans.

Pochettino was the manager of Tottenham from 2014 to 2019, and he is a former mentor of Son Heung-min when he was playing in Germany. Pochettino made waves in the 2018-19 season when he led Spurs to the UEFA Champions League (UCL) final.

However, just five months after leading Spurs to the UCL final, Pochettino was sacked for poor performance and ended his time with the club. Pochettino then went on to manage Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) from January 2021 to July last year, leading them to the 2021-22 league title.

Since Pochettino’s departure, Tottenham has gone through a period of “managerial atrocities” where no manager has been in charge for 토토사이트 long. Whenever it was time for a new manager, fans would clamor for Pochettino’s return after he led them to the UCL final.

However, rumors of Pochettino’s return were repeatedly dismissed by local media outlets, and the possibility of his return was quickly dismissed when Pochettino was confirmed as the manager of Chelsea. Tottenham fans are understandably angry at Pochettino for heading to their hometown rivals, and at the club for failing to secure his services.

“After Pochettino was appointed Chelsea boss, fans branded him a ‘traitor’,” the Daily Star reported. The article also included social media reactions from Tottenham fans who burned Pochettino’s autobiography, conveying a sense of anger toward the manager.

There is also anger at the club. For failing to pursue the most realistic alternative. “Tottenham have not even approached Pochettino,” said transfer expert Fabrizio Romano. There have been no concrete conversations and Pochettino has never rejected Tottenham.” In other words, they didn’t even want Pochettino.

“Tottenham fans are furious at the news of Chelsea’s appointment of Pochettino,” said local media outlets such as Football London, adding that “Tottenham fans are understandably angry at the decision-makers at the club.” The implication is that anger is directed at the club’s hierarchy for not even thinking about hiring Pochettino.