‘The first multi-home run’ Kim Ha-seong ‘Why is my brother out there?’

For Ha-seong Kim, the 149km fastball was too easy.

In the first at-bat in the first inning, he threw a fastball in the middle over the wall in the middle left.

“It’s gone. The start of the six home games is good.”

His third lead-off home run this season.

It didn’t end here.

In the fifth inning, he lightly kicked a breaking ball and recorded his first multi-home run since his big league debut.

Kim Ha-seong, who scored 3 RBIs with 2 homers, raised his season batting average to .27.

In particular, in the opening two months, there were only 5 home runs, but on the 23rd of last month, after starting to use the so-called ‘axe bat’ with an unusually curved handle, he hit 9 home runs in a month.

Currently has 14 home runs and 18 stolen bases.

At the current rate, the 20-20 club is possible with 22 homers and 29 stolen bases.

In the game, Pittsburgh won with Santana hitting two home runs due to Choi Ji-man’s sudden absence.

An unexpected face was also captured in this match.

“Look at this crowd. Don’t you think they’ve played some baseball before? Maybe the Pittsburgh side? That’s Jung-Ho Kang.”먹튀검증

Kang Jung-ho, a teammate of Kim Ha-seong’s KBO League team, became a hot topic by catching a foul ball with his bare hands.

This is MBC News Jeon Hoon-chil.