Strikes out at 104 km/h, the slowest ‘curve’… Ryu Hyun-jin, 3rd win of the season

Ryu Hyun-jin, who played more aggressively than anyone else with a ball that was 100 km/h, led the team to victory. Thanks to this, Toronto got out of the swamp of three consecutive losses, and Ryu Hyun-jin continued his three-game winning streak after returning from injury.온라인바카라

The departure was uneasy.

Ryu Hyun-jin, who started the home game after six days, allowed a home run that went over the left fence in the top of the first inning.

It was a fast ball at 141 km/h.

But he immediately changed the mood.

He struck out opponent batters in a row with a fly ball, and the slow ball at 104 km/h in the bottom of the 4th inning made the opponent helpless every time.

“It’s the slowest curve ever thrown by an MLB starting pitcher this season,” said one pitching analyst.

Ryu Hyun-jin gave up two solo homers on the day, but he pitched effectively with a good mix of curveball and changeup.

The average speed of fastball is 142km/h.

He displayed an aggressive pitch, scoring 49 strikes out of 70 balls, even on a slow fastball that fell short of professional baseball average.

[John Schneider/Toronto coach (Screen source: MLB): Ryu Hyun-jin was great. He had good control and efficient pitching. As if he knew what the hitters were trying to do, he kept changing his speed.]

Thanks to Ryu Hyun-jin’s performance, Toronto broke its 3-game losing streak and won 8-3.

Even in the post-season wild card competition, it came close to 3rd place Houston by one game.

Ryu Hyun-jin won his 78th win in his 180th game in his big league career, and continued his three-game winning streak following the last games against Chicago and Cincinnati.