Scottish media “Celtic is close to signing Oh Hyun-gyu… More than 2.5 million euros transfer fee”

Oh Hyeon-kyu (22, Suwon Samsung)’s Celtic move is on the fast track.

The Scottish media’Daily Record’ said on the 21st, “The transfer fee proposed by Celtic to Suwon Samsung has been revealed. It is more than 2.5 million euros (approximately 3.346 billion won). Oh Hyun-kyu also presented a scale of 10 times the annual salary he is currently receiving.”

Celtic is urgently in need of reinforcements as Greek striker Yorgos Yakumakis has decided to transfer to J-League Urawa Reds. Initially, 먹튀검증 Celtic put Cho Kyu-seong on the list, but when it became difficult, they turned to Oh Hyun-kyu. Celtic is courting Oh Hyun-gyu most actively.

Oh Hyeon-gyu also actively wanted to go to Celtic, and had several meetings with Suwon coach Lee Byung-geun. Manager Lee Byeong-geun caught Oh Hyun-gyu, but he was known to allow him to transfer without breaking his will to go to Europe.  

Celtic is Scotland’s most prestigious team. He has won the Scottish first division 52 times and even has a record of winning the UEFA Champions League (UCL). He is also a regular customer of UEFA competitions recently. Ki Sung-yong and Cha Doo-ri went through it, and Korean fans are familiar with it.