‘Rainbow Six’ e-Sports to hold professional leagues in 9 regions including Korea next year

On the 13th, Ubisoft Entertainment unveiled the ‘2023 Rainbow Six Esports Global Structure’, which will begin in March next year.

First of all, it consists of a total of nine regions: Korea, Europe, North America, Brazil, Japan, Central and South America, Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East & North Africa. In particular, as Korea was also selected as a representative region, its status within the league increased.

In each of the nine regions, distinctive regional programs are operated for each stage. First of all, through the open 안전놀이터 qualifier structure, new teams are given more opportunities to play, and through the closed league, fans can enjoy professional matches. In Korea, up to eight teams can participate in closed leagues.

It will start in March next year and will be divided into two stages. ‘Stage 1’ runs from March to May, and ‘Stage 2’ runs from September to November, and each stage is a process that concludes with the ‘Six Major’, a high-level competition held in May and November. In particular, in the case of the Six Majors, a new stage is added prior to the group stage and playoffs to suit the new method in which teams are determined in nine regions.

After each stage is completed, all teams go through a three-month off-season to reorganize their teams and prepare for the next league. During this period, various third-party competitions will be held in each region.

All competitions of ‘Rainbow Six’ are operated based on a point system. In particular, depending on the accumulated points, the top 20 global teams can advance to the ‘Six Invitational’, the highest level competition, and fierce competition between teams to collect points from the beginning of the league is expected to unfold.