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Military, North Korean drone track identification on radar 6 minutes later, ‘abnormal track’ recognition

It was found that the South Korean military recognized the unusual trajectory of a North Korean drone that invaded our airspace on the 26th of last month, only six minutes after the first radar.

According to the military authorities on the 6th, it is known that the track of a North Korean drone was captured by the South Korean military’s local air defense radar at around 10:19 am on the 26th of last month in the process of inspecting the military readiness of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

It is reported that the South Korean military became aware of the North Korean drone for the first time as it moved south of the Military Demarcation Line (MDL) at 10:25 am, six minutes after the first track was detected.

North Korea’s drone is only 2m in size and is classified as a small drone. The drone is identified by South Korean military radar, but it is known that it is difficult to distinguish it from other objects such as flocks of birds and balloons.

An 메이저사이트 official from the Joint Chiefs of Staff said, “The first operator recognized the enemy drone at 10:25 am on the same day.”

He said, “This was something that the operators were not aware of. The inspection team confirmed it when reviewing.”

However, as the abnormality recognition time is advanced, it is pointed out that there is a problem with our military’s radar operation and information judgment ability. It is criticized for not being able to identify North Korean drones in time, even though they had enough time to identify them.

Previously, the Joint Chiefs of Staff also explained that it was a mistake of judgment by the operational personnel even when they overturned their judgment on whether the North Korean drone entered the no-fly zone (P-73).

At the time, an official from the Joint Chiefs of Staff said, “Operators did not judge the unidentified flying object as a North Korean UAV. However, as a result of a close examination by the War Preparedness Inspection Office, there was a high possibility that the track could be a North Korean UAV, so we reversed our previous judgment.”

On the other hand, regarding the responsibility of the military leadership in connection with the North Korean drone invasion, the President’s office said that it would ‘comprehensively judge’.

A key official in the presidential office met with reporters that day and said, “To recap the threat to the president (during the drone invasion by North Korea), the no-fly zone and the security zone are completely different.” I think you will take a comprehensive look at the situation and make a judgment.”

Regarding whether or not to inspect the military, he said, “It is difficult to say more specifically in relation to the inspection.”