Masan High School coach Goh Yoon-seong, who went back and forth during the Blue Dragon period, “I will repay the debt to the players

No one participated in the 51st Bonghwangdaegi National High School Baseball Tournament as risky as Masan High School coach Goh Yun-seong.안전놀이터

Coach Goh still painfully remembers the match against Water Safe in the round of 16 of the Blue Dragon on July 20th. At the beginning of this season, experts’ evaluation of Masan High School was ‘weak in recent years’.

However, as if to make fun of this, the Masan High School players advanced to the round of 16 by creating an uproar by defeating Deoksu High School, the winner of the E-Mart Cup, 11-4 in the first round of the Blue Dragon Flag, and Busan High School, the winner of the Golden Lion, 5-2 in the second round.

Then, the opponent in the round of 16 was a water safe that had never recorded a defeat in the past five years. Masango had a 11-1 lead by the 4th inning and was facing a cold game by 10 points. But this time, Masan High School fell victim to a major defeat. Director Koh said, “I went back and forth between heaven and hell within a week of the Blue Dragon Games. He confessed his feelings at the time, saying, “I really don’t want to talk about it.”

At the time, with an 11-1 lead, Coach Ko took off ace Ok Jin-yul (sophomore) from the mound. It was a situation.

There were no arrangements to prepare for the quarterfinals against Chungam High School, nor were there any signs of abnormality in his physical condition. The inside story at the time that director Koh revealed was as follows.

In the weekend league Gyeongsang region A, the team that advances to the national sports event is determined by adding the results of the weekend league and the national competition, the Cheongryonggi competition. Prior to the tournament, a strategy was devised to make the most of the ace Ok Jin-yul, and it was tentatively decided to give third-year pitchers more opportunities to play in the Presidential Cup and the Phoenix Cup.

Nevertheless, when the 4th inning was a 10-point difference, the pitching coach’s opinion was collected, saying, “It would be nice to appoint a pitcher in the third grade who lacked the game.”

Director Go said, “I still don’t know why I made that decision at the time. After blaming himself, “This is the result of my lack of self,” he said, “I expect this competition to be a tournament where I myself pay off my debt to the players.” struggle to advance