Lee Kwang-yeon, who took a proper eye stamp… A good show in front of the legendary coach

‘Light Gwang-yeon’ Lee Kwang-yeon (23, Gangwon FC) made a good impression by showing a stable save show in front of goalkeeper coach Andreas Köpke (61, Germany). He, who is stepping on the ‘elite course’, has increased the possibility of being selected for the adult soccer team in the future, if not immediately.

Lee Kwang-yeon started and defended the goal in the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 round 26 home game against Ulsan Hyundai held at Gangneung Sports Complex on the 12th. For about 97 minutes until extra time, he contributed to the victory by blocking the goal like an iron wall.

In fact, on this day, Lee Kwang-yeon boasted an overwhelming 1st round this season, and led a ‘no-goal’ victory against Ulsan, which has a strong attack power enough to reach the highest score (49 goals) in the K-League. In particular, in the second half, he blocked a series of shots and showed a stable save.

In particular, he saved Gangwon from a crisis with a decisive save in the 41st minute of the second half. Kang Ji-hoon almost scored an own goal in the process of clearing a cross that flew in front of the goal, but he made a save by showing amazing reflexes. Afterwards, when Um Won-sang rushed in, he snatched the ball without losing concentration until the end in order not to give up the second ball.

In addition to being a saver, Lee Kwang-yeon loudly tuned the defensive line and energized it when Ulsan showed his fellow defenders losing their concentration in the process of continuing a wave of offensive from the beginning to the end of the second half. And the goalkeeping coach of the Köpke soccer team watched his performance like this.

Lee Kwang-yeon is a ‘promising’ goalkeeper who is stepping on the ‘elite course’ after being included in the final list of the 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games football team to be held next month following the U-20 national team. In the midst of this, as he took the mark of the Köpke goalkeeper coach, he increased the possibility of being selected for the adult soccer team in the future.메이저사이트

Coach Köpke, who is good at selecting and nurturing players based on solid evaluation criteria, is known to have expressed the need for ‘infinite competition’ for the goalkeeper position. There is a good chance that Lee Kwang-yeon will join the adult soccer team in the future.

Lee Kwang-yeon sat on the bench at the beginning of this season and played in four consecutive games last April. Then, he was pushed back from the competition for the starting lineup, but since last month, he has been guarding Gangwon’s goal by wearing goalkeeper gloves again. He conceded 12 goals in 10 games, including the FA Cup, and kept 3 clean sheets.