KKKKK+5G Despite giving up 2 runs in 5 consecutive innings… ‘oh! ‘No home run’ Ryu Hyun-jin, TOR batting lineup is silent → 3 consecutive wins are in danger of being halted

‘Korean Monster’ Ryu Hyun-jin (Toroto Blue Jays) has postponed his fourth win of the season to the next game. Despite his struggles, including allowing three stolen bases for the first time since his major league debut, he allowed just two runs in five innings, but the batting line did not respond.

Ryu Hyun-jin started the 2023 MLB away match against the Oakland Athletics held at Ring Central Coliseum in Oakland, California, USA on the 7th (Korean time) and pitched 77 pitches in 5 innings, allowing 5 hits (1 home run), 1 walk, and 5 strikeouts. Recorded 2 runs (2 earned). His ERA of 2.48 rose slightly to 2.65.

Aside from his first appearance since returning from Tommy John surgery, Ryu Hyun-jin has been pitching without much fuss. Ryu Hyun-jin unintentionally left the mound early due to being hit on the knee by a hard hit in a match against the Cleveland Guardians on the 8th of last month, but expectations began to rise by pitching a ‘no hit’ in 4 innings.

After adjusting to the major league in his second appearance, Ryu Hyun-jin looked completely different in his third game. Despite the misfortune of not receiving defensive help in the match between the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds, Ryu Hyun-jin gave up 2 runs (unearned) in 5 innings and won 2 in a row. He also fought back against Cleveland, which he met again, and won 3 in a row.

If there was a game that was disappointing, it was the appearance just before. Ryu Hyun-jin took the mound at Coors Field, where he struggled the most since his major league debut, and gave up 2 runs in 5 innings for 4 consecutive games. And with the help of the batting line, he went down the mound with the necessary conditions for victory, but was unable to achieve victory due to arson in the bullpen. The only consolation was that Toronto had won five consecutive games in which he had pitched since his first appearance.

Ryu Hyun-jin, who recorded a ‘no decision’ in his most recent appearance, will start against Oakland, which ranks ‘bottom’ in the American League West Division and has the lowest winning percentage among the 30 major league teams. Ryu Hyun-jin was forced to work with ‘new face’ Tyler Harneyman because his ‘best friend’ Danny Jansen left due to injury, but he gave up 2 runs in 5 innings for 5 consecutive games. However, he was unable to achieve victory in two consecutive games.

It was a really no-frills start. Ryu Hyun-jin started the game by creating an advantageous ball count of 0B-2S against lead hitter Jack Gerloff in the first inning and then inducing a fly ball with a changeup on the third pitch. Then, in a match against Brent Looker, he struck out a 90.7 mile (approximately 146 km) four-seam fastball on the fifth pitch in 2B-2S, eliminating the ‘looking strikeouts’, and set up Ryan Noda with a grounder to first base, creating a three-way inning.

Although this team is considered the weakest in the major league, the Oakland batting line was helpless due to Ryu Hyun-jin’s pitching. Ryu Hyun-jin, backed by 1 run, struck out once again with a 90.4 mph (approximately 145.5 km) four-seamer in the bottom of the second inning after a 6-pitch battle with leadoff hitter Jordan Diaz. And he cruised by using a cutter and changeup to tie up both Carlos Perez and Kevin Smith with ground balls.

The umpire, who had made very accurate strike zone decisions in the first and second innings, began not to catch balls that crossed the ‘border line’ in the third inning, leading to a scene where Ryu Hyun-jin tilted his head. However, there was no crisis due to this. After catching leadoff hitter Jonah Bride with a grounder to shortstop in the third inning, Ryu Hyun-jin was attacked by Nick Allen on a 67.6 mile (approximately 108.8 km) curve on the first pitch, allowing his first hit to right field. However, he ended the inning by handling Esteuri Luis on a fly ball to right field, then throwing a cutter as a winning shot and striking out the pitcher.

Ryu Hyun-jin, who had pitched a scoreless pitch, gave up a run in the 4th inning. As soon as the inning started, Ryu Hyun-jin was targeted with a change-up by Rooker and hit a double to center field, putting him in danger of giving up his first run. Here, first baseman Guerrero Jr. put his weight on Ryu Hyun-jin’s shoulder. Ryu Hyun-jin guided Noda, the follow-up batter, to a ground ball to first base, and at this time, after Guerrero Jr. caught the batted ball, he made quick decisions and played defense to erase the runner who was running to third base. And he quickly got out-of-count by dealing Diaz with a fly ball to right field. The problem came later.

Ryu Hyun-jin faced Perez with 2 outs and runners on first base, and was hit by a low fastball on the 5th pitch from 2B-2S, allowing a two-run home run. Fifth home run this season. There were no additional runs, but Ryu Hyun-jin’s pitch count increased sharply here. Ryu Hyun-jin seemed to end the inning by catching Smith, the follow-up hitter, with a grounder to shortstop, but after a video review, the decision was overturned and he gave up an infield hit. Afterwards, he gave a walk to Bride, causing a crisis at first and second base, and ended the inning by catching Allen with a grounder to shortstop.

Ryu Hyun-jin started the inning by giving up another hit to leadoff hitter Lewis in the 5th inning when the team was down 1-2. And he again allowed a stolen base to Lewis, giving up two stolen bases for the first time since his major league debut, and was in danger of reaching second base with no outs. Here, Ryu Hyun-jin took a breather by striking out both Gelov and Luker, but at this time, Lewis once again stole third base, allowing his third stolen base of the day.온라인바카라

But no goals were conceded. Ryu Hyun-jin succeeded in inducing a fly ball to right field by throwing a winning shot with a curveball after a game that went all the way to the 6th pitch with Noda in the ensuing 2 outs and 3rd base, and ended 5 innings with 2 runs. However, Toronto’s batting lineup, which usually exploded in games in which Ryu Hyun-jin appeared, fell silent, and had to go down the mound on the brink of defeat.