KIA’s counterattack, which ranked first in team batting average in August… 3 consecutive matches with 4th place NC from today

With more than 100 games per team in professional baseball this season, the mid-level competition for fall baseball is really interesting.

While NC, KIA, and Doosan are competing for fall baseball tickets, KIA’s rise was particularly noticeable last week.스포츠토토

KIA defeated Dong-ju Moon, who is called the next-generation ace, and won all three weekend matches against Hanwha.

In the last 10 games, with 7 wins and 3 losses, it has been on the rise, beating Doosan and finally reaching the 5th place.

The mound was a bit unstable, but the tight batting line is the driving force behind the high flight.

KIA scored 137 points with a team batting average of 30.7 in August, ranking first among 10 teams in both categories.

Two left-handed batters, Na Seong-beom and Choi Hyung-woo, play the role of the center batting line, and shortstop Park Chan-ho, in particular, is showing off his improved hitting feeling with a monthly batting average of .307 and 6.00 in August.

[Park Chan-ho/KIA : “(Team) atmosphere is really good. The manager had a meeting with the players and said, let’s make it as bright as possible.

” This is followed closely by a half race car.

The match between 4th place NC and 5th place KIA starting today is attracting attention as an important big match, and the fact that foreign pitcher Sanchez has to rehabilitate for 3 weeks due to an injury is a variable in KIA’s move.

An interesting situation has also occurred in the competition for the lead, which was going solo by LG.

Recently, 1st place LG lost 3 games in a row and 2nd place KT won 3 games in a row, narrowing the gap to 4 and a half games.

Considering KT’s terrifying momentum in the second half, there is a possibility of a miraculous last-minute reverse electrode.