Jamsil New Stadium, Manager Lee Seung-yeop’s first words, “Fans should enjoy watching comfortably.

We are in the position of playing baseball. (Rather than that) I think people who come to watch baseball should enjoy it comfortably.”

Doosan Bears coach Lee Seung-yeop gave his first opinion on the Seoul dome stadium plan.

On the 18th, Seoul City unveiled its plan to build Jamsil Dome Stadium (tentative name) for the first time. According to what Seoul City announced this time, the Jamsil Baseball Stadium currently in use will be torn down and a closed dome stadium will be built in its place. The total construction cost is approximately 500 billion won. Seoul City announced that it would build a state-of-the-art stadium with more than 30,000 seats capable of hosting international games and equipped with various auxiliary facilities such as hotels and restaurants.

The problem is time. The city announced that the construction period would be from January 2027 to the end of 2031. In other words, both the LG Twins and Doosan, which used Jamsil Stadium, must find a new baseball stadium to replace Jamsil for a total of six seasons starting in 2026, when construction begins.

In a meeting with reporters ahead of the NC Dinos game in the 2023 KBO League regular season held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the 19th, Coach Lee Seung-yeop said, “I have not expressed any opinions,” and added, “We (the players) are in the position of playing baseball, but we are not interested in baseball.” “I think it is more important for those who come to see it to be able to watch it comfortably. Putting other things aside, fans should watch in a good environment,” he argued.

Coach Lee said, “The crowd culture has matured a lot and has developed a lot. (That much) we can’t help but be considerate of the fans. Seoul in particular is a special city. It’s a problem that shouldn’t be thought about only by Doosan fans. A lot of opposing teams also raise concerns. “There are a lot of away spectators. I think it would be good for them to play in a comfortable situation or a place where it is easy to watch,” he said.먹튀검증

Simply put, the environment that coach Lee talked about can be interpreted as an ‘expectation’ for the latest stadium, which will be a closed dome that will not discriminate between seasons and climates. However, if we take it as a story about a replacement stadium, it may be a disappointment about the excessively long construction period and the unsuitable replacement stadium. Mokdong, Gocheok, Suwon, Munhak, etc. are too far for Seoul fans, and it is difficult to replace Jamsil’s transportation convenience.

Meanwhile, Doosan, which has been on a 7-game winning streak until the game against the Gwangju KIA Tigers on the 18th, will challenge NC for its 8th consecutive win this season. The opponent is not easy. While Doosan announced its replacement starter Jang Won-jun, NC’s ace Eric Peddy, who is ranked first in three pitcher categories, will appear.