“It was destroyed in one shot”… Ukraine and Russia tank ‘one-on-one’, the result is disastrous

As the war in Ukraine enters its 10th month, a video of a Russian tank being destroyed by a single shot from a Ukrainian tank has been released, drawing attention. On the 12th

(local time), the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine released a video on its official Twitter account, saying, “It is a scene of a tank battle in the Russian-occupied Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine.”

In the 1 minute and 24 second video, a tank presumed to be a tank of the Ukrainian army advances slowly and then stops. Then, they start firing at Russian tanks about 100m ahead . 토토사이트 The shell hit in less than a second and the Russian tank, engulfed in flames, was completely destroyed by the second shelling.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine said: “Ukrainian T-64 destroyed Russian T-72 . Another victory for Ukrainian forces.”

The video was released as Russian forces concentrated their remaining firepower on the eastern front in Ukraine.

It is known that the Russian army, which has recently been on the defensive by retreating from the southern and northern fronts, is engaged in an all-out war by sending a large number of troops, including supplementary corps, to Bakhmut, Donetsk, on the eastern front. Bahmut is the gateway to the Donbas region, and fierce fighting has been going on for several months since last summer. Because of this, the Guardian reported that hundreds of casualties are occurring every day. Meanwhile, the Daily Mail, citing data from the Ministry of Armed Forces of Ukraine , reported that Russia had lost about 94,760 troops and 2,966 tanks in the 10