I’m sorry’ Messi… “Panhal provocation ceremony, regret looking back”

Lionel Messi expressed regret over provoking Dutch coach Louis van Gaal during the Qatar World Cup quarterfinal match against the Netherlands with a ceremony.

At the World Cup held in Qatar last year, Messi advanced to the tournament after twists and turns, including being caught by the weakest Saudi Arabia in the opening match.

Messi, who defeated Australia in the round of 16 and advanced Argentina to the quarterfinals, fought fiercely against the Netherlands.바카라

Before the game, Van Gaal criticized “I know how to stop Messi” and “Messi is a player who doesn’t play”.

Messi responded with an attack point. He recorded one goal and one assist, giving Argentina an early lead. However, Argentina went into overtime by conceding two goals in a row at the end of the second half. 

The emotions of the players were also intensified. A bench clearing occurred as Leandro Paredes kicked the ball towards the Dutch bench.

A major clash was narrowly avoided, but a bloody battle ensued with 15 cards from both teams, and the winner was decided only after the penalty shoot-out.

Messi, who was the number one kicker at the time, succeeded in scoring neatly, then approached the Dutch bench and held a ceremony by putting both hands on his ears. 

He is reported to have approached Van Gaal after the match and pointed out, “You talk too much.”

When Messi, who usually doesn’t show his emotions well, expressed his unusually strong emotions, the world’s attention was focused. There was an opinion that he was a legitimate response, but there was also an opinion that he did not respect the opposing manager.

Messi regretted it too. A month after the World Cup ended, he opened up about the incident.

In an interview with Argentinian Ole, Messi said, “It often happens that players respond with a ceremony after an argument or clash, but it is clear that I reacted too emotionally at that time.”

“The moment of the ceremony and the performance I showed right after the match, I really regret it when I look back at myself now,” he added.

During the post-match interview, he also revealed that he regretted yelling at Dutch striker Bout We Horst, “Look at you, idiot.”

“It was not planned,” Messi said. It was an action that came out of the moment because of the words I heard before the game and what happened during the game,” he said. “It was a very intense game. It seems that my emotions were naturally expressed without time to think.”