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“I will block the possibility of overseas transfers” NC’s Gu Chang-mo contract regrets

‘Ding Dong’. It’s a weekend morning. The official appeared. ‘People really don’t even have days off.’ But the grumbling is short-lived. The content is amazing. NC and Koo Chang-mo signed. It is a deal worth up to 13.2 billion won. It is a non-FA multi-year contract.

It’s also a Dinos. This is a team that is ahead. novel, ingenious It contains forward-looking and active provisions. Once flexible Depending on the qualification, it will be 6 years or 6+1 years. He even cared for the period of his military service. Most of all, it is the point where free agency is two years away. This decision is not easy. Of course, this is the first case in the league.

there is another He is still a growing pitcher. The opposite view also exists. This means that verification is not complete. It is only three seasons that have exceeded 100 innings. It’s not like I won 10 wins like eating. 2019 (10 wins, 7 losses), 2022 (11 wins, 5 losses). Twice is all. There are also blanks. I took a whole 2021 years off. power of surgery

It shows such a strong will. Firm confidence in investment and thick trust in players are also shown. It is the spirit of a young club.

Director Lim Seon-nam explained: “He is a franchise player and a left-handed starting pitcher representing the league. He is happy to promise to accompany such a player. Since his rookie days, he has consistently shown serious attitude and sincerity. He once went through a difficult time, but he overcame it with strong mental strength. He came back healthy and led the starting lineup with an ace-like appearance.”

The parties are also full of resolution. “I am grateful to the club for first offering me an unexpected multi-year contract. I had a dream of becoming an NC franchise player, and I am so happy that I have come closer to it. I will take responsibility and prove that the club’s choice was not wrong.”

It’s a bold decision. creative and pioneering But regret remains. Because of only one thing.

Again, it is the story of the NC club and general manager Lim. “I didn’t want to leave room for Koo Chang-mo to transfer to other clubs or overseas. He has been able to implement the stabilization of the starting lineup and the mid- and long-term power composition plan.” The first reason makes sense. ‘Transfer to another club… ‘ part. We have already experienced a loss of core power. An alternative would have been needed. I fully agree.

But after that, it’s hard to agree. “I didn’t want to leave room for overseas transfers.” My heart stops at this comment. What do the parties think? I left this statement in one media. 안전놀이터 “I didn’t think about transferring to another team at all. The only thing I worried about was that I wanted to try overseas for a long time. Overall, I signed the contract because I thought ‘Let’s make a choice without regrets’.” (From an interview with Star News)

Of course, it is natural to worry about leaks. There is nothing to say within the league. Even if it’s not, it’s the same even if it’s overseas. It’s an obvious power loss. It is the position of the club that they want to prevent it. The same goes for myself. There’s no reason to turn your back. Others do it, so I don’t have to. If you don’t like it, don’t go. I don’t see it as strange.

It is January of last year. The Tigers’ stomach burned. It’s because of Ace’s stubbornness. Hyeonjong Yang extended the deadline again. It meant ‘I’ll wait longer’. It is for the sake of going to the United States. The proviso clause of minor veto was also waived. The original team couldn’t even speak. I had to burn the baby. I ended up leaving for Texas.

NC said ‘overseas transfer’. This word is often called differently. It is an expression of ‘advance’ or ‘challenge’. It’s something solemn and spleen. It also contains the meaning of the highest that is difficult to damage. Therefore, realistic losses or failures cannot be considered. It is a process that is respected in itself.

Hyeonjong Yang took the loss. The split contract was also readily accepted. where is that only So did many seniors. Lee Sang-hoon, Koo Dae-seong, Lim Chang-yong… . They didn’t care about the immediate disadvantage. Resolutely headed for the rugged forest. This is the path indicated by the signs ‘Dream’ and ‘Challenge’. It is difficult to sympathize with the intention to prevent it. power outage. It is difficult to understand in that way. That shouldn’t serve as the intent of a long-term contract. for any reason.