I got hit from the back of the head”… What is the full story of Bae Chan-seung, the pitcher who collapsed during the World Youth Championships?

What is the full story of the incident?

On the 8th, there was a domestic report that a player on the Korean youth baseball team collapsed during warm-up before a game. The article reported that the player lost consciousness and received emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). There was a possibility that the player in question could be seen as having a heart problem.

I met with the person involved, pitcher Bae Chan-seung (17, Daegu High School), in Taiwan and heard his story, but it was not a heart problem. Bae Chan-seung said, “I usually get dizzy when I run right after eating, but it was particularly severe that day. “This happened because the weather was very humid and my body was tired,” he said.

Bae Chan-seung said, “I fell and hit the back of my head first on the artificial turf, and I think I lost consciousness for a moment, but I got better right away. I went to the hospital to get checked, and they said there was nothing wrong, so I came right back to the hotel.” He said there was nothing wrong with his body.

At the time when Bae Chan-seung collapsed, the media officer of the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) asked the Korean media that came to the site to refrain from reporting on Bae Chan-seung until he returned to the stadium. Accordingly, local media outlets did not report on this incident.

This is a consideration of the federation, which was concerned that Bae Chan-seung would be stigmatized as a player with heart problems. Bae Chan-seung is now a second year high school student. When he enters his third year of high school next year, he will be eligible for nomination to the KBO League Pro. There were concerns about whether there would be a club that would nominate Bae Chan-seung if he was labeled as a mentally and physically weak player who needed to be nominated as a pro but would need CPR if he experienced a tense situation.카지노

National team coach Lee Young-bok, who met after the bronze medal game, also said, “Bae Chan-seung said he was in the best condition today after going to the hospital two days ago. He said he really wanted to pitch in today’s game, but he was still worried and told him to rest.”

Meanwhile, Bae Chan-seung is only a sophomore, but he has the potential to become a great player. Atsunori Inaba, head of the Japanese national team (former coach of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics baseball team), who watched Bae Chan-seung in the Korea-Japan match on the 7th, said, “Bae Chan-seung’s confident pitching was like watching Kim Gwang-hyun (SSG Landers). He commented, “The way Deception pitched, hiding the ball and throwing it, was very good.”

General Manager Inaba praised Bae Chan-seung, saying, “His velocity will improve even more when he becomes an adult, and I think he will grow into a pitcher who will not be easy for Japanese players to target in the future.”