I bet on 20 holds…” KT rookie who exceeded his goal, his first title is also within reach

Professional baseball KT’s ‘reliable man’ Park Young-hyun (19) expressed his desire to win his first title.

Right-handed pitcher Park Young-hyun joined KT as a first-round pick last year and entered his professional career. His performance in the first season of his debut was 52 games, 1 loss, 2 holds, and an earned run average of 3.66.

This season, now in its second year, is showing further growth. He pitched in 61 games (64⅔ innings), had an ERA of 3.06, and recorded 3 wins, 3 losses, 28 holds, and 4 saves.

In particular, he performed brilliantly in the month of August and was named as a monthly MVP (Best Player) candidate. Park Young-hyun appeared in 15 of the 23 games played in August, recording 10 holds and 3 saves. From the Suwon SSG game on the 2nd to the Jamsil game against Doosan on the 16th, he showed perfect pitching without allowing any earned runs in 8 consecutive games.

Park Young-hyun, who added 10 holds in August alone, is ranked first in this category with 28 holds for the season. He is in second place with 22 holds, well ahead of Noh Kyung-eun (SSG), and is on his way to winning his first title.

The first game of the three-game series against LG in the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ was held on the 5th at KT Wiz Park in Suwon. In an interview with CBS Nocut News before the game, Park Young-hyun said, “I think I am greedy for the award as I am ranked first in the hold.”

Park Young-hyun appeared in 11 games in the month of July and recorded 5 holds, but suffered 1 loss and showed a disappointing ERA of 9.35. Accordingly, in August, he gritted his teeth and threw the ball, and succeeded in rebounding by becoming a monthly MVP candidate.

Park Young-hyun, who looked back on the month of August, said, “As much as I was sluggish in July, I strengthened my mind in August.” He added, “When I was having a hard time, my mentality was very bad, but my brothers did a lot of good things for me, which became my driving force.” He added, “I regained my confidence from the end of July, and starting again in August, I think there were good results.”

Most rookies experience the second-year jinx, but Park Young-hyun showed further improvement. “I’ve heard the phrase ‘second-year jinx’ so many times,” he said, raising his voice, “I think I prepared harder because I had a great desire to break the jinx.”

KT went through a difficult time at the beginning of the season, falling to the bottom. In the meantime, Park Young-hyun continued his steady performance and firmly protected his mound.

Although it is only the second year since his debut, Park Young-hyun felt a heavy sense of responsibility. He recalled, “I felt very bad on days when I didn’t pitch well,” and “It was a bad time for the team, so I felt pressured that I couldn’t do well as well.”

However, since then, KT has risen sharply and has risen to second place. Currently, they are continuing to compete for the lead, chasing first place LG by 6.5 games.온라인바카라

Before the opening, Park Young-hyun’s goal for this season was 20 holds. He said, “Before the season, I made a bet with pitching coach Je Chun-mo,” and “he said that if I recorded more than 20 holds, he would not have to join the closing camp.”

However, he has already exceeded his goal and is within sight of winning his first title. In response, Park Young-hyun said, “I think I need to be more greedy for the title of hold king,” and pledged, “In situations where the team is winning, I will go up to the mound with the mindset of blocking at all costs.”

Park Young-hyun was named to the national team list for the 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games to be held at the end of September. “There are less than 20 games left until I participate in the Asian Games,” he said, gritting his teeth as he said, “I want to accumulate as many holds as possible before participating in the competition.”

Lastly, Park Young-hyun raised his voice and said, “My goal is to win a gold medal at the Asian Games and win the Korean Series.” He added, “It is important to finish well to the end without getting hurt.”