Guerrero, no Machado? MLB teams ban 18 Dominican players from WBC

The Dominican Republic expected to be able to form a ‘dream team’ at this WBC. It was an ambition to win the championship cup with the strongest power.

The expected batting order composed of major leaguers was literally ‘horror’ itself. Starling Marte (Mets, left field) – Juan Soto (San Diego, right field) – 스포츠토토 Manny Machado (San Diego, third base) – Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (Toronto, first base) – Rafael Devers (Boston, DH) – Jose Ramirez (Cleveland, Second baseman) – Jeremy Pena (Houston, shortstop) – Gary Sanchez (catcher) – Julio Rodriguez (Seattle, center fielder).

However, news broke that major league teams were refusing to call them out. Nelson Cruz, general manager of the Dominican Republic , said in an interview with CDN37, a media outlet in the

Dominican Republic, on the 29th (Korean time) , “Major league teams opposed the participation of 18 out of 50 players on the interest list.” It was not disclosed who was absent. Guerrero Jr., could be Machado. “All national teams are affected. Major league teams can refuse to call their players to the national team,” Cruz added. San Diego seems to have allowed Kim Ha-sung to be hired. Machado is from San Diego. As a result, the Dominican Republic’s dream of forming a ‘Dream Team’ is more likely to become a ‘long dream’. It seems that not only the Dominican Republic but also the US team will be affected.