Federal District Court Judge Rejects Puig’s Guilty Plea Agreement, “The Court has Never Accepted the Agreement”…Jury Selection Begins for Trial Next January

There is a cautious possibility that Yasiel Puig (32) will be acquitted.

Puig is accused of lying to federal agents in connection with an investigation into an illegal sports betting ring. Federal prosecutors in California claimed in November of last year that Puig made false statements during the investigation, saying he made dozens of illegal gambles in 2019.

Puig then agreed to plead guilty to one count of lying to federal agents. But he pleaded not guilty a few weeks later.메이저놀이터

Prosecutors then submitted a substitute indictment that added charges of obstruction of business.

Puig’s trial has been postponed several times, but is expected to begin in earnest with jury selection in January next year.

Federal District Court Judge Dooley Gee recently informed prosecutors that Puig’s agreed-upon guilty plea to making false statements cannot be used as evidence at trial.

According to the Messenger, Judge Ji wrote, “Because the agreement was never accepted by the court, the court finds its provisions unenforceable and denies the prosecution’s motion on that basis.”

In response, Puig’s agent, Lisette Carnet, told the Messenger that Puig had been treated unfairly by federal agents. “We

have the evidence we need to prove Yasiel’s innocence,” Carnet said. This case concerns what we believe to be falsehoods in his witness testimony. We very much look forward to his court appearance. “(At this time) his entire story will be known and the world will be able to see the truth.”

Puig hit 132 home runs in seven seasons in the major leagues. He plans to spend the 2022 season in Korea and then play for Estrellas de Oriente in the Dominican Winter League later this year.