FA unsigned one after another… The paradox of Lim Chan-gyu and Seo Geon-chang, will the result of a one-step retreat be warm?

The start of the 2023 spring camp is about 15 days away, but there are still five players left in the free agent (FA) market. Considering that it was a time when there would have been two or three unsigned people at least in previous years, ‘the rich get richer and the poor get poorer’ is revealing quite painfully.

Club officials say, “Players tend to hold an event once they become free agents.” There is an atmosphere in which the FA qualification itself is regarded as an honor, and on the other hand, the experience accumulated in past case studies cannot be ignored. Once in the free agent market, the perception that even if you suffer from heartache, you can earn a little more money than the existing salary negotiations with a down payment has become widespread among players. However, this year, the market is only checking the cool eyes of the clubs.

While the five players are unable to negotiate properly, paradoxically, it is better for players who have qualified for free agency but have not applied to concentrate on sports. In the case where the performance was insufficient to elicit a player-friendly contract, it was better to commit to the future. LG Seo Geon-chang (34) and Lim Chan-gyu (31) are such players.

Lim Chan-gyu recorded 6-11 with an ERA of 5.04, throwing 103⅔ innings in 23 games this year. He expected to be a leader of the team’s native 온라인카지노 starting lineup, but he fell short. Starting pitchers are always a position where supply is less than demand, so starting pitchers in the free agent market used to be paid quite generously. However, given that Hyeon-hee Han and Chan-heon Jeong, who are in a similar position, are struggling, it is possible to speculate that the market may not have been favorable to Chan-gyu Lim.

Seo Kun-chang did not hold an event even after qualifying as a free agent for two consecutive years. This is because the results of 2022, when he chose ‘lucky’, were not very good. At the beginning of the season, he played an active role as the main second baseman, but his momentum gradually waned. His 77 appearances were among the fewest in his career, aside from 2018, when a major injury ruined his season. With his batting average of 0.224 and on-base percentage of 0.299, it was difficult to get a good evaluation in the free agent market. His age heading into his mid-30s must have been a burden as well.

In order for a second or third free run to be meaningful, you need to win a satisfactory contract that will reward you for your perseverance in the future. So 2023 is important for both players. Depending on the performance of the two players, there is a possibility that LG’s final ranking will be different. This is because LG’s native starters and second base problems are currently in progress. These are players who will attract considerable attention both individually and as a team.

Compared to foreign one-two punches (KellyㆍPlutco), LG is evaluated as having weaker native players. Lefty Kim Yoon-shik appeared like a comet, but it had to do with Lim Chan-gyu and Lee Min-ho not doing as well as expected. As there are many players coming up from below, Lim Chan-gyu’s first priority is to keep his position. That way he can make a report card that will go out with him in the FA market. As a new manager comes, it is highly likely that his existing priorities will fade. He has to break through with his skills.

Seo Geon-chang, who can hardly find the glory of the past, has no place to retreat. The batting average of 0.236 recorded in 145 games after transferring to LG does not match Seo Geon-chang at all. He wasn’t a good long hitter from the beginning, and it is only natural that his feet become blunt as he gets older. He has to fight with a bat. Fortunately, the new manager Yeom Kyung-yeop, the leader who knows Seo Geon-chang’s good times best, can be a turning point. The basic policy is to give director Yeom a chance to prove himself.