“Don’t be too nice to us”

SSG Landers manager Kim Won-hyung expressed his feelings to pitcher Kim Jung-woo, who is leaving the team via trade.

SSG executed a one-for-one trade with Doosan Bears outfielder Kang Jin-sung and pitcher Kim Jeong-woo on the 25th, with the goal of strengthening their right-handed batting depth, which has been relatively lacking, with the acquisition of Kang, who can play corner outfield and first base defense.

With the acquisition of Kang Jin-sung, 메이저사이트 SSG parted ways with right-handed prospect Kim Jung-woo, who graduated from Dongsang-go and was drafted in the first round in 2018 and completed his military service with the Commerce Baseball Organization. Kim had one game of first-team experience in 2019 and was performing well in the Futures League this season, going 2-1 with four saves and a 1.84 ERA in 14 appearances.

This is a resource that Kim Won-hyung has seen first-hand during this season’s exhibition games. “He continued to be good in the second team, and I think Doosan saw a pitcher with such potential,” said Kim, who also expressed his regret that he could have blossomed here.

“I saw his record, I saw his timing, and I had a feeling that I should be careful, but in any case, the trade meant that we needed Kang Jin-sung, and on the other hand, Doosan really needed Jung-woo, so I hope he goes and pitches well if he gets a chance,” Kim said, before adding, “Don’t be too good for us,” and laughing.