Do not deify Bellingham!”… A request from a Real Madrid veteran, why?

 Jude Bellingham (Real Madrid) is experiencing a ‘craze’ in the Spanish Primera Liga (La Liga).

Bellingham, known as the world’s greatest ’20-year-old’, left Dortmund and wore the Real Madrid uniform this season. His transfer fee is a whopping 103 million euros (146.6 billion won). 

As soon as he arrived at Real Madrid, he has been performing tremendously. Bellingham was a second-line midfielder, but Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti used him aggressively, and Bellingham exploded. 

Bellingham scored 1 goal against Athletic in the 1st round (2-0 win), then 2 goals against Almeria in the 2nd round (3-1 win), 1 goal against Celta Vigo in the 3rd round (1-0 win), and 1 goal against Celta Vigo in the 4th round. He scored goals in 4 consecutive games, including 1 goal against Getafe (2-1 win).

Bellingham ranked first in scoring with 5 goals. Real Madrid is also in first place with 4 consecutive wins.

He is the first player since Cristiano Ronaldo to score goals in four consecutive games since his debut. If Bellingham adds one goal in the fifth round, he can surpass Ronaldo and make history by becoming the first player to score goals in five consecutive games. Bellingham is already being considered a candidate for the next Ballon d’Or.

However, there is someone who has raised a voice calling for this Bellingham craze to be curbed. He is Daniel Carvajal, a defender who is on his way to becoming a Real Madrid legend.

Carvajal is a defender who went through Real Madrid’s youth team and has been playing for Real Madrid for 11 seasons from 2013 to this season.토토사이트

He requested through Spain’s Universo Valdano, “Please do not deify Bellingham. The wall Bellingham must overcome is still high.” Bellingham is only 20 years old. This is because this kind of pressure can have a negative effect on young players. He asked for quiet support rather than deification.

However, Carvajal also expressed admiration for Bellingham’s talent.

“From the first moment we started training with Bellingham, our veterans looked at each other and said, ‘This guy can do anything.’ You don’t yet know that Bellingham is really fast, and that he’s technically crazy. “I don’t know. Bellingham is the perfect player. He’s also very smart. In the third week against Real Madrid, everyone understood Bellingham’s value.”