‘DeGrom→Turner→Judge→Senga’ The Dodgers missed the biggest free agent lineup, 28-year-old 105 home run shortstop Norina

The Los Angeles Dodgers are aiming for shortstop Dansby Swanson (28) in the free agency market.

MLB.com, the official major league media outlet, said on the 12th (Korean time), “The Cubs and other clubs are interested in Swanson’s destination, but reporter John Heyman said that the Dodgers, where Swanson’s former colleague Freddie Freeman plays, is unlikely to sign Turner. He said there was.”

Swanson is a shortstop with a batting average of .255 (775 hits in 3043 bats), 102 homers, 411 RBIs, and an OPS of .738 in 827 major league games. This year, he raised his value by posting a 스포츠토토 batting average of 2.77 (177 hits in 640 at-bats), 25 homers, 96 RBIs, and an OPS of .776 in 162 games. After the season, he became a free agent and was rated as a shortstop free agent Big 4.

The Dodgers missed out on the biggest players they showed interest in this free agent market. Special ace Jacob deGrom signed a contract with the Texas Rangers for $185 million, and Trey Turner, who served as the Dodgers’ main shortstop this year, left for Philadelphia for 11 years and $300 million. Aaron Judge, the biggest free agent, signed a 9-year, 360 million dollar contract with the Yankees, and Japanese ace Senga Kodai signed a 5-year, 75 million dollar contract with the Mets.

MLB.com said, “The Dodgers cannot rule out the possibility of signing any free agent. Even so, even after Turner went to Philadelphia, there was not much talk of recruiting Swanson.” Reporter Heyman explained that the situation had changed, saying, “The possibility of Swanson signing with the Dodgers is starting to appear.”

Swanson is one of the big four free agent shortstops along with Turner, Xander Bogatz (11 years, $280 million in San Diego), and Carlos Correa. The Dodgers are not showing interest in Correa, but they are likely to try to recruit Swanson, who has the potential to sign a contract at a relatively low price at a young age.