Crazy gambling? PSG long-term companion plan” PSG allows AG Lee Kang-in to play. Local reaction: “Paris’ generosity is hidden behind a clever strategy

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) allowed Lee Kang-in to be selected for the Asian Games. There are various views in local media. However, it is generally positive.

There is also an interpretation that this is PSG’s strategy to secure Lee Kang-in for the long term.

Lee Kang-in was included in the final roster of the 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games national soccer team. The Asian Games are not a competition organized by the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). An agreement from the affiliated team, PSG, is required. PSG gave permission.

There is a reason for this. Lee Kang-in needs to receive military service benefits. In order to play efficiently on the European stage, the military enlistment period must be shortened as much as possible. PSG kept this in mind. PSG, which recruited Lee Kang-in this summer, appears to be establishing long-term cooperation as its internal principle.

French media outlet Foot1 said, ‘Paris’ generosity actually hides a much more insidious strategy. Allowing Lee Kang-in to participate in the Asian Games may be seen as a crazy bet by PSG. However, in Korea, military service must be completed before the age of 30, and the only exception is winning a medal with the national team,” he said, adding, “It is not a new strategy, as Tottenham Son Heung-min did the same five years ago.”

Le Parisien was also in the same position. ‘PSG was considering military service when Lee Kang-in was recruited. PSG’s best-case scenario is for Lee Kang-in to receive military service benefits, and winning the Asian Games is an essential condition.’

This is a very important time for Lee Kang-in. This is true both for the team and personally.

Lee Kang-in, who injured his left quadriceps muscle on the 22nd of last month, has completed rehabilitation and joined team training.

PSG has an attacking midfielder dilemma. The team was recently reorganized on a large scale, and Lionel Messi and Neymar, both super crack players who can tear apart the opponent’s defense, left the team. Moreover, the same goes for key midfielder Marco Verratti.

At this point, PSG lacks cracks that can tear apart the opponent’s defense, except for Kylian Mbappe. Lee Kang-in, who has played as a winger, is highly likely to move to a central attacking midfielder. This is a plan that coach Luis Enrique is seriously considering. In this situation, he will participate in the Asian Games.카지노

Therefore, local media pointed out that ‘Lee Kang-in may be at a disadvantage in the competition for PSG’s starting position due to being selected for the Asian Games.’

However, it is more important for Lee Kang-in to reduce his military service as much as possible due to his participation in the Asian Games and winning the gold medal, thereby establishing a foundation for him to play for a long time on the European stage. PSG also knows this fact well. After the Asian Games, PSG’s major team reorganization centered on Lee Kang-in is likely to take place in earnest.