Conceded 6 runs’ Kikuchi “It was an important game, I wanted to win…

Toronto Blue Jays starting pitcher Yusei Kikuchi, who collapsed after giving up a large number of goals in an important game against the Texas Rangers, seemed unable to hide his disappointment.

In an interview after a 0-10 home loss against the Texas Rangers held at the Rogers Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on the 14th (Korean time), Kikuchi described his appearance that day (5 innings, 5 hits, 2 home runs, 2 walks, 3 strikeouts, 6 runs). I looked back.

He said, “I knew how important today’s game was. “That’s why I wanted to win,” he said, expressing his disappointment. He said, “I think I threw too much inside the strike zone. “We allowed a lot of hits on balls thrown into the zone, and things didn’t go as planned,” he continued.

Kikuchi’s damage increased as he allowed a three-run home run to Nathaniel Rowe in the fourth inning and a two-run home run to Robbie Grossman in the fifth inning.

Kikuchi performed well with an ERA of 1.29 (5 earned runs in 35 innings) in 6 games after the All-Star break. However, he has had some ups and downs with an average ERA of 4.43 (10 earned runs in 20 1/3 innings) in the last four games, and today he tied the record for the most runs allowed in the season.

He said, “The speed of the fastball dropped slightly. “But what’s bigger is command and the ability to throw according to plan,” he said, sharing his thoughts on his recent slump.

The batting lineup, which was particularly frustrating that day, must have made it even more difficult for him.

Regarding this, he said, “It wasn’t that important,” and took greater responsibility for not doing his job properly.스포츠토토

Toronto manager John Schneider commented on Kikuchi’s pitching that day, saying, “There was a misfire where the breaking ball was driven to the center, and when the runner went out, it hit a home run.”

He continued, “Kikuchi showed really consistently good performance throughout the season. He looked really good, especially when he threw his slider as planned. “Today the slider is centered,” he said, pointing out the difference from before.

With this loss, Toronto dropped three games to Texas, a wild card opponent, and was at a disadvantage in the race to advance to the postseason.

When asked about the current team atmosphere, Kikuchi said, “We all knew it was an important series. “It’s disappointing, but we’ll forget about today’s game and focus on the new game tomorrow.”

He also spoke about his determination for the remainder of the season, saying, “All we can do is focus on each ball and one inning and move forward.”