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Beckham, who has looks, skills, and brains… What is the secret of ‘70% annual salary cut → 746.5 billion won club ownership’?

He had good looks, skills, and brains. David Beckham’s ‘70% annual salary cut’ gamble returned to the ‘jackpot’ of $585 million (about 746.5 billion won).

The British ‘Sports Bible’ quoted journalist Joe Pompliano, who delivers football news through a newsletter on the 5th (Korean time), saying, “Beckham was ridiculed by many people when he agreed to a 70% salary cut to join the LA Galaxy, Two ‘unique clauses’ in his contract with the Major League Soccer (MLS) club changed everything.”

Beckham was a ‘superstar’ with excellent looks and skills. His precise kicking power, vigorous activity, and outstanding appearance comparable to a model made Beckham the best star among 메이저놀이터 ‘Fergie’s Children’. He enjoyed his prime as a player and ‘celebrity’ at Manchester United and Real Madrid.

That’s why Beckham’s trip to America was a sensation. Going from the best clubs of the time, Manchester United and Real Madrid, to LA Galaxy in MLS was a strange situation for anyone to see. The selection of Beckham, who had not rusted enough to lead the team to the championship with amazing performances until the season immediately before, raised many questions.

In addition, he gave up a large part of his salary. According to reporter Joe Pompliano, at the time Beckham was receiving just 30% of his base salary at Real Madrid. Of course, that alone was a lot more money than the players who played in MLS, but it could be seen as a ‘stupid choice’ in the eyes of the general public.

But Beckham had an idea. Beckham got two clauses in exchange for giving up his basic salary. One was the right to negotiate a percentage of all of LA Galaxy’s revenues. This included everything from sales of hot dogs and beer at the stadium to tickets and sponsorships.

Beckham’s intentions were right. Beckham is called the player who changed MLS along with Pele because he exploded the economic potential of MLS. According to ‘Forbes’ of the United States, after Beckham entered MLS, MLS sold broadcasting rights to more than 100 countries while experiencing the effect of skyrocketing uniform sales. Beckham also saw the sweet taste of money. He is estimated to have earned $255 million (about 325.4 billion won) during his five years at the LA Galaxy.

Here, there was also the ‘right to take over the MLS franchise team upon retirement’. Taking advantage of this, Beckham acquired Inter Miami at a low price of $ 25 million (approximately 31.9 billion won) with his retirement. Considering that Charlotte FC, which participated in MLS as a new club in 2022, paid 325 million dollars (approximately 414.7 billion won), it is no different from a ‘bargain sale’.

Beckham’s club has also skyrocketed in value. Along with the expansion of MLS, the market value of Inter Miami has also steadily increased. According to ‘Sportico’, a football economics magazine, the price of Inter Miami was set at 585 million dollars (approximately 746.5 billion won). It is a high price tag that corresponds to the 10th place in MLS.

Beckham is famous among football fans for his great looks and skills. But that wasn’t all. For Beckham,