Acuña went crazy, finally surpassing 1 OPS after setting ML’s first record! NL MVP race closes in

It’s a truly crazy pace. Ronald Acuña Jr. (26, Atlanta Braves) ignited the National League (NL) MVP race by adding home runs and stolen bases the day after setting the first Major League (ML) record of ’30 home runs and 60 stolen bases’.

Acuña Jr. started as the number one hitter and center fielder in the away game against the Los Angeles Dodgers held at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California on the 2nd (Korean time), going 2 hits in 4 at-bats (1 home run), 1 RBI, 2 runs, 1 walk, 1. Recorded a steal. Meanwhile, the season batting average rose from 0.337 to 0.338, and OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) finally entered 1.000 from 0.993.

Acuña Jr. has already put the MVP race on the line with a grand slam the day before (the 1st). With this grand slam, Acuña Jr. became the 66th player in major league history to hit 30 home runs and 30 stolen bases. In addition, 30 home runs and 60 stolen bases was the first in the major leagues. Previously, only a player had recorded 30 home runs and 50 or more stolen bases at the same time. They are Eric Davis in 1987 (then with the Cincinnati Reds, 37 home runs and 50 stolen bases) and Barry Bonds in 1990 (with the Pittsburgh Pirates at the time, 33 home runs and 52 stolen bases).

It was the same today. Acuña Jr., who got on base with a walk in the first inning, hit the first pitch from LA Dodgers starter Julio Urias in the third inning and hit a solo shot in the middle of the month. The 31st gun of the season with an exit speed of 110.7 miles per hour (about 178.2 km) and a distance of 418 feet (about 127 m).

In the 5th inning, he reported a multi-hit with a double to left. Acuña Jr., who advanced to second base on Ozzie Alvis’ hit, immediately stole third base. 63rd stolen base of the season. Austin Riley’s timely double hit home and scored his 122nd point. Although there were no results after that, it was enough to lead Atlanta to a 6-3 victory.

Acuña’s outstanding performance for two days in a row stood out even more because he was in front of his MVP rival Mookie Betts (31, LA Dodgers). Betts also started as the number one hitter and right fielder on this day, but was silent with no hits in three at-bats and one strikeout. At the same time, Betts’ season batting average fell from 0.317 to 0.315, and his OPS fell from 1.033 to 1.028., the official Major League Baseball website, paid attention to the MVP competition between Acuña Jr. and Betts. introduced the classic and sabermetric statistics of Acuña Jr. and Betts side by side, saying, “Two people who have shown great performances throughout the season. Who is your NL MVP?”

Acuña Jr.’s records, including the game on the 2nd, are 134 games with a batting average of 0.338 (183 hits in 541 at-bats), 31 home runs, 84 RBI, 122 runs, 63 stolen bases, on-base percentage of 0.420, slugging percentage of 0.580, and OPS of 1.000. Betts’ performance in 128 games was a batting average of 0.315, 38 home runs, 98 RBI, 116 runs, 10 stolen bases, on-base percentage of 0.409, slugging percentage of 0.619, and OPS of 1.028.온라인바카라

In terms of classic stats, Acuña Jr. is significantly ahead. Based on the National League, Acuña Jr. is 1st in runs scored, hits, stolen bases, and on-base percentage, 3rd in home runs, 10th in RBIs, 3rd in batting average, 3rd in slugging percentage, and 2nd in OPS. Betts is 1st in slugging percentage, 1st in OPS, and 2nd in runs scored. He ranks 4th in hits, 3rd in home runs, 2nd in RBIs, 5th in Betts, and 3rd in on-base percentage.

Betts has the edge in sabermetric statistics. According to Baseball Reference, an American baseball statistics site, Betts recorded 7.8 and Acuña Jr. recorded 6.9 in WAR (Winning Contribution Above Replacement). FanGraphs WAR leads Betts at 7.7 and Acuña Jr. at 7.0. In wRC+ (adjusted scoring production), Betts is 176 and Acuña Jr. is 169.