’10 million more’ Ronaldo Instagram, ‘600 million followers’ in front of

Less than 10 million ‘barely’ remain. Until Ronaldo’s SNS followers broke through the number of ‘600 million’.

At 5 pm on the 6th, Ronaldo’s official social media followers exceeded 590 million. Considering that the world’s population has exceeded 8 billion (as of December 15, 2022), about 7.375% of the world’s population follows Ronaldo.

Ronaldo boasted overwhelming growth in the number of followers, surpassing 400 million in April 2022 and 500 million in November. Even now, that growth has not stopped. In particular, his transfer to Al Nasr has absorbed many fans in the Middle East and is on the verge of adding 100 million fans in about 8 months.

The part that shows his ‘Middle East fans’ is the Al-Nasr transfer post.

Ronaldo holds the most-liked post of the year with more than 34.57 million likes, posting an image commemorating his move to Saudi Arabian club Al-Nasr.

Even though he left for the outskirts of Al-Nasr, his interest in him did not fade away, but rather amplified interest in the Saudi league as a whole. Even football fans who did not know the Saudi league now know the names of teams such as Al Nasr and Al Ittihad.오래된 토토사이트

Just as Robinho, who led the team from Real Madrid in the past, transferred to Man City, Edin Dzeko, David Silva, and other players who opened Man City’s first PL league championship, transferred one by one, Ronaldo’s transfer to Saudi Arabia was followed by Benzema, Kante, Firmino, Ruben Neves. It had a great impact on the Saudi Arabian competitive players who could be more than candidates in the (E)PL right away.

Like Man City, who made a laughing stock of the phrase ‘money can’t buy a class’ in years, the future is unknown. Unfortunately, Son Heung-min was also offered a transfer to the Saudi League, which could be the ‘world’s best league’, but it was also reported that Son Heung-min himself refused.

Ronaldo dominates the soccer world with his star quality, regardless of his ability. Ronaldo’s honor with ‘600 million’ followers, which is several times the population of most countries, is unlikely to fade for the time being.